PETROL price trend (Yearly / Monthly ) Chart in Gurgaon

petrol Previous / historical Price Trend in Gurgaon in Haryana Yearly / Monthly historical petrol prices in Haryana

2021March1-Mar-21₹ 89.11
2021February1-Feb-21₹ 84.43
2021January1-Jan-21₹ 81.89
2020December1-Dec-20₹ 80.56
2020November1-Nov-20₹ 79.24
2020October1-Oct-20₹ 79.24
2020September1-Sep-20₹ 80.23
2020August1-Aug-20₹ 73.47
2020July1-Jul-20₹ 78.64
2020June1-Jun-20₹ 71.21
2020May1-May-20₹ 70.21
2020April1-Apr-20₹ 70.21
2020March1-Mar-20₹ 71.70
2020February1-Feb-20₹ 73.05
2020January1-Jan-20₹ 74.60
2019December1-Dec-19₹ 74.44
2019November1-Nov-19₹ 72.79
2019October1-Oct-19₹ 74.14
2019September1-Sep-19₹ 71.96
2019August1-Aug-19₹ 72.70
2019July1-Jul-19₹ 70.84
2019June1-Jun-19₹ 71.77
2019May1-May-19₹ 72.95
2019April1-Apr-19₹ 72.74
2019March1-Mar-19₹ 72.12
2019February1-Feb-19₹ 71.74
2019January1-Jan-19₹ 69.93
2018December1-Dec-18₹ 71.52
2018November1-Nov-18₹ 78.13
2018October1-Oct-18₹ 84.30
2018September1-Sep-18₹ 79.30
2018August1-Aug-18₹ 76.93
2018July1-Jul-18₹ 76.09
2018June1-Jun-18₹ 78.81
2018May1-May-18₹ 75.15
2018April1-Apr-18₹ 74.26
2018March1-Mar-18₹ 72.11
2018February1-Feb-18₹ 73.58
2018January1-Jan-18₹ 70.12
2017December1-Dec-17₹ 69.17
2017November1-Nov-17₹ 69.09
2017October1-Oct-17₹ 70.71
2017September1-Sep-17₹ 69.22
2017August1-Aug-17₹ 65.38
2017July1-Jul-17₹ 63.10
2017June1-Jun-17₹ 67.16
2017May1-May-17₹ 68.34
2017May1-May-17₹ 68.34
*Above Prices are in Indian Rupees per Litre.

Historical Petrol Price Trend chart

Monthly / Yearly historical Petrol Price Trend Chart

Historical Diesel Price Trend chart

Monthly / Yearly historical Diesel Price Trend Chart

Find the historical Petrol and Diesel Price trend for last 10 years in Here we provide yearly monthly price revision chart for analysis. Previous price revisions / historical petrol / diesel prices are grouped into two categories as petrol and diesel. Select the relevant city, you wish to get the price trend chart of petrol or diesel. Then you will be provided historical price chart based on the month for several years.

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