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LPG cylinder ( Liquid Petroleum Gas ) is used for domestic cooking purposes in many states as a main fuel source. The 14.2 kg cylinder is used for domestic usage and 19 kg for commercial usage and government has also introduced 5 kg cylinder for domestic and commercial usage. According to the 2011 census data carried out in India, 35 million (30 %) Indian households used LPG as cooking fuel, which is increasing 3-4 % by every year and Other main source of fuel is kerosene. LPG cylinder is delivered to consumers at their home or premises, either in pressurized cylinders or through gas pipes. As said below, Domestic LPG Cylinders are subsidized by the government in India. Now recently government is crediting the subsidy amount to their bank account by linking with Aadhaar card.

Our Gas Cylinder is filled with LPG gas, which is the mixture of Butane and Propane gases, which is kept in liquid state by raising the pressure. As we know well, LPG gas vapors weigh heavier compared to air, Hence it settles at the bottom. when knob is opened the pressurized gas comes out to ambient. Exploding of LPG has is highly dangerous, hence to sense the leakage of LPG gas mercaptan odorant is added with all gases supplied.
Indian government has framed various regulation and strict guidelines towards the manufacturing, storing, transporting and usage of LPG cylinders. Even though LPG gas considered as the green fuel compared to other fuels, but the risk factor is more and there are many accidents reported in India.

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