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Find Latest LPG Cylinder rate for any City in India. LPG Cylinder rates are revised monthly across all distributors like Indane, HP Gas and Bharat Gas. LPG Cylinder Rates are available for 14.2 Kg, 5 Kg, 19 Kg, 47.5 Kg Cylinders !

LPG Cylinder rate in today | LPG CYLINDER PRICE

01-Jun-2214.2 Kg Domestic Cylinder₹ 1017.0
01-Jun-2219 Kg Commercial Cylinder₹ 2281.0
01-Jun-2247.5 Kg Cylinder₹ 5698.0
01-Jun-225 Kg Domestic Cylinder₹ 374.0
01-Jun-225 Kg Non Domestic₹ 632.0
01-Jun-225 Kg FTL ( Shop - With Cylind)₹ 1587.0
01-Jun-225 Kg FTL Shop - Refil Cost₹ 638.0
LPG gas Cylinder rate in 01-Jun-22 for Goa Panaji, Goa is 1017.0 ( 14.2 Kg, Domestic LPG Cylinder - Without Subsidy) Rupees inclusive of all taxes and duties (GST). 19 Kg Commercial Cylinder rate is ₹ 2281.0, 5 Kg domestic Cylinder rate is ₹ 374.0 without subsidy, 47 Kg LPG Gas cylinder Rate is ₹ 5698.0 per Cylinder and Non domestic 5 Kg LPG cylinder Costs ₹ 632.0. And Other Free Trades LPG cylinder ( Saleable in Shops ) rate is ₹ 1587.0 inclusive of Cylinder Cost, subsequent refilling cost is ₹ 638.0, for the month of 01-Jun-22.

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Latest Diesel rate for Goa Panaji, Margao, locations in Goa Find LPG Cylinder Rate for other States
LPG Cylinder Rate is Revised monthly for all over the states and union territories in India. There may be small minor variation in the LPG Cylinder rate based on the agency / distributor and location of LPG Distributor. ( Indane / HP gas / Bharat Gas )

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