Find, What is the CNG gas prices across Indian states and cities ?

Find CNG Natural Gas price in India for all states and cities

What is CNG or natural gas, where its used , what are the benifits ?

CNG stands for Compressed natural gas, technically Methane compound stored at moderate high pressure, which is used in place of petrol ( termed gasoline in other countries ), Diesel oil and Liquid petro Gas ( propene combination).

During combustion, natural gas emits less corbon dioxide compared to other most popular fuels in teh world. Hence CNG natural gas is the safest commercial gas compared other available in the market. As we all know, CNG density is very low and hence disperses quickly when released, and reduces the risk of any accident. There are cities like delhi, being forced to use natural gas for auto rickshaw and commercial vehicles because of the environmental advantage.

CNG / Natural gas is produced from crude oil deposits, or from landfills or through wastewater treatment, and through plants where it is called as biogas. Biogas is the trending topic for many yaers in india.

Natural / CNG gas is produced by compressing natural gas by applying sufficient pressure in to it. CNG is composed of methane, CH4 to less than 1 percent of the volume it occupies at ambient pressure. Unfortuantely CNG is not available in all states and cities. There are very fre states in India uses CNG gas, Which we have listed down here.

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