Mumbai Gr Bombay LPG Gas Cylinder price with / without Subsidy amount

Mumbai Gr Bombay LPG Gas cylinder price ( Commercial & Domestic)

Price for the Month MAY'19APR'19MAR'19
14.2 Kg LPG Cylinder Under DBTL Cash Transfer₹ 684.61₹ 678.63₹ 673.53
14.2 Kg Subsidy ( Credit to Bank A/c ) ₹ 190.64₹ 184.93₹ 180.18
19 Kg LPG Cylinder (Commercial ) Price₹ 1275.19₹ 1253.61₹ 1185.16
5 Kg Non Subsidised cylinder₹ 366.45₹ 359.90₹ 339.66
5 Kg Domestic LPG Cylinder DBTL Price₹ 252.25₹ 249.66₹ 247.50
5 Kg Domestic Cylinder subsidy₹ 68.57₹ 66.19₹ 64.29
No. of Gas Agency ( Near by)2 2 2

In Mumbai Gr Bombay, 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder price is Rs. 684.61 with government subsidy of Rs. 190.64 for unsubsidised cylinder. 19 Kg commercial LPG cylinder price cost around 1275.19 rupees. The newly introduced 5 kg cylinder price is at Rs. 252.25 and Rs. 68.57 towards the subsidy.

LPG Cylinder price in Mumbai Gr Bombay is updated 1st of every month by oil Companies in India, Directly or indirectly regulated by Govt of India.

Historical LPG cylinder Prices

APR'19 ₹ 678.63₹ 184.93₹ 1253.61₹ 359.90₹ 249.66₹ 66.19
MAR'19₹ 673.53₹ 180.18₹ 1185.16₹ 247.50₹ 247.50₹ 339.66
FEB'19₹ 630.16₹ 138.81₹ 1117.06₹ 232.25₹ 232.25₹ 321.43
JAN'19₹ 660.20₹ 167.34₹ 1161.39₹ 242.81₹ 242.81₹ 332.23

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