Rampur, Uttar Pradesh Auto LPG price today

Latest Auto LPG / Auto gas price in Rampur, Rampur is 37.60 / Lit. Auto LPG price is revised from 45.88 to from 37.60 on from 01-Jul-19

Auto LPG Auto gas price in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

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Rs. 37.608 /Litre



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Uttar Pradesh

Today's (22-07-2019) Auto LPG rate in Rampur is ₹ 37.608 / Lit

Date / Month Revised Price
01-Jul-19₹ 37.608
01-Jun-19₹ 45.888
01-May-19₹ 43.788
01-Apr-19₹ 42.808
01-Mar-19₹ 40.718
01-Feb-19₹ 38.418
01-Jan-19₹ 38.418
01-Dec-18₹ 45.858
01-Nov-18₹ 51.648
01-Jun-18₹ 39.048
01-Feb-18₹ 42.198

Auto gas / LPG gas ( Automobile ) price in Rampur is Rs. 37.60 / Litre. Latest price update is on 01-Jul-19. Rate applicable for Rampur, in the district of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh and it has 2 nos. of auto LPG Gas pump / fuel filling station nearby.

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