India's Gasoline / Petrol, Diesel CNG Natural Gas, Auto LPG, ATF Airline fuel Price

Fuel oil price list in India

09-December-2022Port BlairRs. 84.10 /LtrRs. 79.74 /Ltr
09-December-2022Guntur AmaravathiRs. 111.37 /LtrRs. 99.15 /Ltr
09-December-2022ItanagarRs. 92.99 /LtrRs. 82.13 /Ltr
09-December-2022GuwahatiRs. 96.01 /LtrRs. 83.94 /Ltr
09-December-2022PatnaRs. 107.24 /LtrRs. 94.04 /Ltr
09-December-2022ChandigarhRs. 96.20 /LtrRs. 84.26 /Ltr
09-December-2022RaipurRs. 102.45 /LtrRs. 95.44 /Ltr
09-December-2022SilvassaRs. 94.43 /LtrRs. 89.98 /Ltr
09-December-2022DiuRs. 95.32 /LtrRs. 90.84 /Ltr
09-December-2022New DelhiRs. 96.72 /LtrRs. 89.62 /Ltr
09-December-2022Goa PanajiRs. 97.68 /LtrRs. 90.23 /Ltr
09-December-2022AhmedabadRs. 96.39 /LtrRs. 92.15 /Ltr
09-December-2022FatehabadRs. 98.59 /LtrRs. 91.45 /Ltr
09-December-2022ShimlaRs. 97.05 /LtrRs. 83.02 /Ltr
09-December-2022SrinagarRs. 101.67 /LtrRs. 86.82 /Ltr
09-December-2022RanchiRs. 99.84 /LtrRs. 94.65 /Ltr
09-December-2022BengaluruRs. 101.94 /LtrRs. 87.89 /Ltr
09-December-2022ThiruvananthapuramRs. 107.71 /LtrRs. 96.52 /Ltr
09-December-2022LehRs. 107.01 /LtrRs. 91.39 /Ltr
09-December-2022KavarattiRs. 0.00 /LtrRs. 0.00 /Ltr
09-December-2022BhopalRs. 108.65 /LtrRs. 93.90 /Ltr
09-December-2022MumbaiRs. 106.31 /LtrRs. 94.27 /Ltr
09-December-2022ImphalRs. 101.11 /LtrRs. 87.07 /Ltr
09-December-2022ShillongRs. 95.14 /LtrRs. 83.13 /Ltr
09-December-2022AizawlRs. 95.72 /LtrRs. 82.18 /Ltr
09-December-2022KohimaRs. 99.39 /LtrRs. 87.54 /Ltr
09-December-2022BhubaneswarRs. 102.96 /LtrRs. 94.56 /Ltr
09-December-2022PondicherryRs. 96.16 /LtrRs. 86.33 /Ltr
09-December-2022AmritsarRs. 96.91 /LtrRs. 87.23 /Ltr
09-December-2022JaipurRs. 108.48 /LtrRs. 93.72 /Ltr
09-December-2022GangtokRs. 102.65 /LtrRs. 89.80 /Ltr
09-December-2022ChennaiRs. 102.63 /LtrRs. 94.24 /Ltr
09-December-2022HyderabadRs. 109.66 /LtrRs. 97.82 /Ltr
09-December-2022AgartalaRs. 99.49 /LtrRs. 88.44 /Ltr
09-December-2022LucknowRs. 96.57 /LtrRs. 89.76 /Ltr
09-December-2022DehradunRs. 95.22 /LtrRs. 90.26 /Ltr
09-December-2022KolkataRs. 106.03 /LtrRs. 92.76 /Ltr

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What's the revised fuel oil ( Gasoline, Diesel, Natural gas, Auto LPG ) Price in Indian states and cities.

India's fuel oil price | Gasoline, Diesel, Auto LPG gas Rate list

Effective from 16-Jun-17, Indian government & oil companies have decided to update the retail petrol diesel prices based on the global crude oil price and Dollar currency fluctuation. Hence Its essential to know the price of Petrol (Gasoline), diesel ( HSD ) in India. The price listed above is based on the qty of 1 Litre. Also Please note that, the tax structure is different in each state and cities in India, hence the price across all location may change. You may find the fuel oil price for major cities in India here, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Rates are available for following oil products
  • Petrol / Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene for domestic use
  • Auto Gas / Auto LPG
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CNG / Natural gas Price in India helps you to find latest fuel price for Petrol (Gasoline), Diesel, Auto LP gas, CNG natural gas , LPG cyliner for all states in india. We provide fuuel rates for Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, New Delhi, West Bengal, Jammu And Kashmir, Telengana, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Sikkim, Gujarat, Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Rajasthan, Jammu And Kashmir, Punjab, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Bihar, Pondicherry, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Andaman And Nicobar Islands, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and Kerala.