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The fuel oil prices in india is not the same across the various states and cities, its mainly because of the tax components at different levels. To give you a broad picture, The central goverment imposes diffrent excise and taxes on petroleum products, which results 25 % of the total cost. Additionally State goverments adding the local taxes along with central goverment taxes and duties, which is around 20 %. Hence we are paying cumulative tax nearly about 38 to 45 % to both the gverments. Also Petroleum prices vary between district to district across the state, based on the local taxes and distances.
Global fuel oil / crude oil price is calculated based on the worldwide supply vs consumption. worldwide oil manufacturers sell their crude to Oil to many large refining companies / consumers at the trading price. Actual Selling price is fixed based on refinery and Brent crude’s daily price along with transportation taxes and duties.
Generally. One barrel or drum of crude oil has 160 ltrs. of crude. Initially, the crude oil drums / tanks are transported to Indian refineries ( companies ) for seggregation of oil. Then parent Crude oil is then separated into other sub products like diesel, petrol, kerosene, xylene , etc., in the process of distillation. Now the process cost , storage cost, transportation cost, taxes, duties and dealer commissions are included in the prices we pay. That is the way prices are fixed in India.
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